Equipment Sales, Accessories and Maintenance

As technology and your needs change and grow, you may need to upgrade or simply replace your cryogenic equipment.
Here at Boland Cryo, we will assist you in selecting the correct size, system and type of equipment to house your Liquid Nitrogen. Furthermore we can regularly check that your Dewars, Dispensers and Vessels are in perfect working order and safe. Boland Cryo understands that in Ireland's cost conscious market our customers deserve competitive prices and we strive to achieve this along with an outstanding, reliable service. Ask our trained specialists for advice and place an order with our sales team today.

Equipment Sales
1 litre Dewars to 600 litre Pressurised Vessels

Accessory Sales
Storage Racks
Cryogenic Vials
Hazard Warning Labels for Liquid Nitrogen
Cryogenic Hoses (Optional size, length and function)
Safety Gloves and Glasses for safe handling of Liquid Nitrogen
Oxygen Monitors (Personal and fixed)
Cryogenic Applicators

Artificial Insemination (AI)
Sheath Covers